Bringing the best care right to the job site.

A workplace injury can be a disruptive and expensive event. Substantial claims can occur, especially if the worker’s care is poorly managed.


JobSiteCare is the solution.


Drawing on more than 20 years of real-world experience, the doctors at JobSiteCare deliver immediate triage and treatment right to the workplace, as well as total coordination of all subsequent specialist care - from the moment they are injured until the day they return to work.


The savings, in both direct care costs and related claims, are substantial and can enable your firm to stay maximally productive and profitable.


JobSiteCare works with companies of all sizes and across multiple industries. We are experts at OSHA and regulatory administration. We operate globally, 24/7.


Total accountability. Superior care. Superior savings.

Our Care Model


Our Leadership

Daniel Carlin, M.D.


CEO & Founder

Dr. Carlin is a board-certified emergency physician, former US Navy medical officer and a recognized pioneer in the delivery of medical care to distant worksites both in rural Africa and remote islands, as well as USA-based construction, manufacturing, and energy extraction worksites.

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Adam Wootton, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Adam Wootton has over 20 years of experience building software, leading technology deployments and optimizing technical architectures. He has led many global software teams and has extensive experience in all international regions and across a wide range of technology platforms.

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William Lang, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lang is a board-certified family practice physician, former career US Army officer and White House physician to two US presidents. He was responsible for organizing and providing comprehensive healthcare, occupational medicine and medical response planning for the office of the President, their cabinets, and 4000 White House staff .

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